safety is

an attitude

Having the full visibility and recorded data that the SmartPAD provides gives operators a quantum leap in Safety


  • All activity is recorded 24/7 and is always available for playback. If a lost time incident involving equipment occurs on location, our SmartPAD timestamped valve position and pressure data can be reviewed to pinpoint specific circumstances of the event. If a closed valve was pumped into then opened after the fact, leaving everyone on location wondering how, why and who, the evidence will now be on record.
  • Want the pinnacle of wellhead safety? Then you need to implement an interlock system to provide valve lockout and alarms. Take this goal to the next level with our SmartPAD technology to achieve reliable, safe and accurate results. Cold Bore will work with clients directly to custom build and integrate this smart interlock system.
  • Want alarms and alert sent to your mobile device? This is under development and will be available this year to all Cold Bore clients.
  • Digital wellheads are currently monitored on the screens located at the accumulators. This visibility allows assurance that all valves are equalized before functioning and reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment. Incidents involving trapped pressure are a thing of the past. Ensure the safety of your personnel by upgrading the monitoring and alarm systems on your location with SmartPAD

Strengthening the Safety Culture

At Cold Bore Technology, while our work can be urgent and is always important, we never sacrifice safety to complete the task at hand. Our priority is always the safety of employees and contractors, and the protection of the environment


  • Procedures are developed, continually updated, and implemented to align with current industry safety standards and practices
  • Workers are trained, coached and supervise.
    With a goal of zero incidents, Cold Bore analyzes and reports all events, takes corrective actions and then shares what is learned to help anticipate and prevent future occurrences


We believe that Excellence in Safety leads to Excellence in Business

Environmental Commitments

Our setup and equipment are temporary, as we aim to conserve resources and limit environmental impact. By using Cold Bore’s technologies, there is no added environmental footprint on location. Taking care of the environment is what we do.

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